have you RECEIVED a random acts of brightness card??

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testimonials of RAOB receivers:

"So how is this for karma? Tonight I was walking to the same train station that I left those clothes at yesterday and I had a huge suitcase. The lift wasn't working and I started to climb the stairs when this lovely woman insisted on helping me! It certainly saved me a lot of effort and time plus she wished me a wonderful day afterwards! You get what you give and I was reminded yet again of that today :-)” - Vancouver, Canada

"OMG I cannot believe how awesome this idea is!!! Sure did BRIGHTEN UP MY DAY!!!! What an amazing concept!! Thank you to my secret random act of brightness person!! Card 2961.” - Toowoomba, Australia

 "Just had my day brightened with a coffee from Bunker in Milton, Card #2366 Thanks! Will be sure to Pay it Forward!” - Brisbane, Australia

 "Wow! What a feeling! We were the recipients of random acts of kindness card 1167 at Merlo Paddington. Felt so special for kind gesture! Wonder where the kindness will turn up next?" - Brisbane, Australia

 "On the weekend I got an unexpected surprise when driving down the street I noticed something stuck to my windscreen. Someone had left me 2 scratchies & a good luck note with a RAOB card. Certainly put a smile on my face, now it's time to pay if forward. What a lovely gesture :)” - Toowoomba, Australia

 "I am the person whose fuel you paid for!!! I have card number 1179 in my hand - I saw you had a Facebook site and wanted to read more about this movement! Can I firstly thank you! Your random act of generosity and selfless kindness completely and absolutely blew away!! With the risk of sounding cliche - it honestly did fill my heart with love and brightness! I have been grinning ever since - sometimes we don't realise how much we get drawn in to the rush and drudge of the modern world…turning on the news is frightful!! This sort of movement totally restores your faith in humankind! SO THANK YOU! YOU ABSOLUTELY MADE MY DAY…. MY WEEK… It is something I will never forget and I am truly excited to be paying it forward!” - Brisbane, Australia

 "On my way to buy some snacks for Team at early morning meeting and this is on the ATM. Nice. Passing on the random brightness! Good one!” - Australia

"I received a Random Acts of Brightness card after meeting a new friend, a very beautiful soul, who took me on a sightseeing all around her city, made me dinner and invited me to a luxury cinema, and on a trip on the city boat at night time - and the day after invited me to go with her and her husband on a car trip to another wonderful city, where I was taken for lunch in the most amazing and luxurious palace, invited to see the spectacular view from one of the world’s highest buildings, and finally invited me to meet her best friends, wonderful beings, living in the most beautiful area - and in oneness with the nature. In two days I experienced all this wonderful things due to meeting this beautiful, generous soul. Thank you. I will bring on the Random Acts of Brightness card!"—Denmark

"I went to pay for my petrol, to be told that someone had already paid for it. I was given the Random Acts of Brightness Card. Thank you so much."—Brisbane, Australia

"I went to my beauty salon and I had just finished getting a facial and was just about to pay when I saw my Random Acts of Brightness card in my purse. I then decided to put $20 towards the next person's treatment that comes into the salon. The beautician was a little confused at first and then when she read the card, she nearly started crying!!! I don't know who the next person was, but I do know that they have that card now and I hope that they pass the brightness on!"—Brisbane, Australia

"I was with a really great friend of mine at Max Brenner’s at Robina tonight and after we ordered our desserts a lovely lady came and paid for our meal and gave us the cards we felt like an angel had come down and kindly and very randomly did that for us... we have been smiling ever since :) it was so nice!"—Gold Coast, Australia