RAOB Challenge 2015


Random Acts of Brightness Challenge 2015

Random Acts of Brightness is about empowering everyday people to create a ripple effect of brightness in their everyday world.

Since its birth in Brisbane, Australia back in March 2009, over 5000 RAOB cards have been distributed in 13 countries worldwide.

To commemorate 6 years of everyday people brightening up our everyday world, RAOB is launching a 2015 Brightness Challenge.

Do ONE good deed for a stranger every week using a RAOB card.....by the end of 2015 that will be 40 RAOBs, over 40 weeks, per person!

Let's brighten up 2015

ONE person at a time

ONE act at a time

ONE card at a time

ONE week at a time

Here's what to do:

 DO a good deed for a stranger
GIVE them a card
TELL them to pass it on
SHARE your experience


Go to RAOB's facebook or twitter timeline
Tag your location
Post a photo
Note your RAOB card #
Share what you did and how you felt




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