Here are some ideas to get you started 

Remember, it's up to you whether you want to give the card directly to the person whilst doing the RAoB or whether you leave it behind or give it to a cashier/other person to pass on. 

If you have other RAoB ideas you'd like to share, let us know and we will add them to the list! 

Get creative and have fun with it!

  1. Pay for a coffee or drink for the person behind you and leave a card.
  2. Tape a card and some money to groceries.
  3. Leave money in a vending machine with a card.
  4. Leave money on the tube / train / bus with a card.
  5. Write love letters and put them in library books with a card in them.
  6. In a library book you love, write a list of books you’ve also loved and leave it there, with a card, when you return the book.
  7. Write a cheer up/cheerleading note and leave it with a card.
  8. Pay for groceries of the person behind you in line and give them a card.
  9. Buy your favourite book and leave it with a card in a random place. 
  10. Drop off doughnuts / treats randomly to a business with a card attached.
  11. Send anonymous flowers with a card.
  12. Send dessert to another table at a restaurant and give the card to the waitress to pass on.
  13. Put a note with a card on a sushi plate at the sushi train.
  14. Leave a lotto ticket or scratchies in an envelope with a card in someone’s letter box.
  15. Leave a “Congratulations and good luck” note with a card on the windscreen of a car with L plates.
  16. Leave a packet of seedlings with a card in the mailbox of a house that has a great garden or the potential for one.
  17. Put sticky notes with a positive slogan on the mirrors in restrooms and leave a card.
  18. Pay the toll for the person behind you and give the card to the cashier.
  19. Purchase some extra dog or cat food and drop it off at an animal shelter with a card. Meow!
  20. Leave a card and money at a parking machine at a hospital.
  21. Leave a card and a sweet treat (chocolate, lollies, etc.) in a mailbox, a public phone booth, on a table in a café, etc.
  22. If you grow your own fruit or vegetables and have a surplus, put together a basket with a card and leave it on the doorstep of a stranger’s house.
  23. Pay for the movie tickets or popcorn of the person next in line and leave a card.
  24. Contribute to someone else’s petrol bill and give the cashier a card.
  25. Put a coin in an expired meter with a card beside it.
  26. Buy a coffee / drink for the person standing in the shopping centre, fundraising for a charity and give them a card.
  27. Leave money and a card in a public place for someone to find.
  28. Give a homeless person food or a gift voucher for a restaurant along with a card.
  29. Plant trees or flowers in a neglected part of your neighbourhood.
  30. Leave a card with a newspaper or magazine for someone else to enjoy when you’re finished with it.
  31. Give a child a balloon with a card attached.
  32. Give a compliment about your waiter / waitress to his / her manager.
  33. Leave a card and coins at a laundromat.
  34. Tape a nice saying or thought to a bus window and leave a card.
  35. Give a sad looking stranger a happy music cd with a card.
  36. Send a random person in the phone book a small gift and attach a card. 
  37. Give a gift card to someone along with a card. 
  38. Write uplifting notes for strangers with a card and send them to people in the phone book. Things like, "Sending warm wishes your way, stranger!" or "I’ve enclosed my hopes for a great day today!" 
  39. Send flowers to a stranger in hospital with a card attached.
  40. Bring an extra serving of your lunch and leave it in the office fridge with a card on it and what the ingredients are for someone else to eat.