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testimonials of RAOB Givers:

6 packets of sweets with RAOB cards"So this is becoming addictive! Saw these sweeties on special for 2 pounds (for all 6) and decided this was a great way to go on a Brightness Blaze on my way home. So I attached the cards and walked on my way dropping these babies off at telephone boxes and park benches. I felt as if a rainbow trail was being left behind - Care Bears stare style. I think I should leave fruit from now on though? - Islington, United Kingdom? ‪#‎funtimeswithtwopounds 

"This morning in the drive-thru queue for coffee, I paid for the person in the car behind me... or I THOUGHT I did, until I checked the eftpos receipt 1/2 an hour later. So now there's a person out there with a card, but no act of brightness to go with it. This has never happened before, and I don't know whether to laugh or cry, but giggling seems like a pretty good option. Guess the drive-thru guy didn't understand what I was asking him to do!!" - Toowoomba, Australia

"Card #3957 left on a sushi train!!!” - London, United Kingdom

 "Whoa completely blown away right now! Left card #4437 with some money for the next person but then got caught in the act of leaving it by that next person so I said to them "so it looks like this is for you then" to which he was surprised and he was like "oh I'm not sure what you mean"...I explained and he was chuffed and said "Thank you that's so lovely!". I sat down to have my tea when he walked out and said to me "Thanks again for that. I've left the card and that money for the next person". Wow! Then the baristas were marvelling at the card and asking questions loving the idea so I gave them a card each and then they shared that they will use it in their personal life as the cafe has a "Make your day" button on their register which they use for when they can tell people are having a bad day / need some positivity. They have totally made my day already and it's 830am on Monday‪#‎ripple effect” - Ealing, United Kingdom

"Left card #4435 on an empty tubeRAOB card left on London Tube ... ‪#‎leftandran” - London, United Kingdom 

"I notice that when I'm in "savings" mode and watching my pennies, my RAOB acts tend to decrease which goes against the very nature of how abundant our world is and the law of attraction - if you lack time, give time / if you lack love, give love etc. Just left a $10 note with card #2152 ... Challenging scarcity feels good!” - London, United Kingdom

"I recently saw a film that pondered the question whether it's more about moments seizing us rather than us seizing moments - and I think I just experienced both perspectives just now...I just did some groceries down at my local and when I got home, I freaked out because I couldn't find my credit cards. Phone rings and I don't want to answer because I'm stressed out as I'm pretty sure I left them behind at the store (this sounds like I'm on a reality tv show). Turns out the phone call was from a lady saying she found my two cards on the floor of the parking lot ! The two lovely ladies had attempted to track me down via Facebook and then the white pages - luckily landing on my home number! I was very grateful not only for their honesty but for their attempts at tracking me down so quickly that I left them each a $20 voucher to the cafe they were eating at along with a RAOB card. A nice reminder that good, kind people not only exist but can brighten up a day that could have easily gone in a very different direction. Very grateful!” - Brisbane, Australia

 "So no cash + minimum eftpos of $10.00 strikes again! My original total = $3.50. My new total including person behind = $11.50 allowing me to use my eftpos card and RAOB card #2367. Win win no?” - Brisbane, Australia

 "My faith in humanity is restored when I see things like this done" = response given just now by cashier at petrol station after $45 fuel bill paid for person who just filled up. Restoring faith in humanity for one person with one RAOB card and one $50 note? Ummmm....what a no brainer!” - Brisbane, Australia

card left by 11 year old on random person's car"Introducing the RAOB concept to a special 11 year old on her birthday ... She chose to leave this card at a random person's car #‎card2357's #journeyhasbegun” - Brisbane, Australia

"You know PayPass or PayWave on your debit or credit cards? Well I just used that to pay for the person's groceries behind me in the line. I Paid. PayPassed. I Ran.  :-)” - Brisbane, Australia

 "Cards 2886 and 2896 are going to be left on windshields this weekend, each attached to a couple of scratchies and a 'good luck!' post-it. :)” - Toowoomba, Australia

 "Pumping fuel at service station and see 5 young boys walking into the shop buying food. *RAOB BRAINWAVE AND 3 MINS LATER* 5 chocolate bars paid for along with 5 RAOB cards left with cashier to pass on 😉 Adrenaline rush? Check. Heart full? Check. World a little brighter? Check.” - Brisbane, Australia

"A bit of change and card #2402 left at a vending machine :-)” - Brisbane, Australia

 "Fuel paid anonymously for another car...Card 2405 left behind! BAM!” - Brisbane, Australia

 "Walked into coffee shop on my own. Ordered my usual coffee. Ordered another large coffee. Gave barista a Random Acts of Brightness card and told them to give the next person the card and the other coffee I ordered. Barista smiles and swipes my coffee card and informs me I have a free coffee on my account. ” - Brisbane, Australia

 "Card 2473 left with a fiver at Starbucks in Santa Monica, CA :-)" - Santa Monica, USA

 "Card 3638 left with $5 note in public toilet. ” - Brisbane, Australia

 "A friend (another RAoB-er) and I had dinner at Sizzler tonight. The staff were run off their feet but the guy looking after our table was kind, took time for a joke, was super-polite, and generally doing a great job. We left him a note on a serviette, thanking him for being so awesome-sauce (a direct quote :) ), then popped out, got a gift voucher for a local gelato place, and delivered it, along with a RAoB card, back to Sizzler. We were still in the carpark talking when he finished his shift. He came over, thanked us (a lot) and said how nice it was to have nice customers... he's used to having people be grumpy toward him! Noooooo! We hope his gelato sweetens up his weekend.” - Toowoomba, Australia

 "A few weeks ago I paid for the guy's coffee in the car behind me in the drive-thru queue, living a RAoB card with the server to pass on to him. The line got held up longer than I expected, so by the time he went to pay, I was still stuck there in front of him. Massive 4WD, really country-looking fella, he waves his arm out of his window and shouts, "Thanks, darling! You've made my day!” - Brisbane, Australia 

 "So today I went into a service station that actually has a person that still pumps your fuel for you (I know right! A dying art for sure!). In the midst of waiting for my fuel to be pumped by the very helpful "petroleum pumper" (the appropriate technical term I'm sure), I struck up a conversation about how wonderful it is to receive such personalized service and how sad it is it doesn't exist as much anymore. Upon walking into the shop to pay, I decided this act must go recognized! After paying for my fuel, I gave the cashier a $20 note and a RAOB card and told him how much I appreciated the service and to use that tip amongst the team for whatever they'd like! I left feeling pretty nice about the whole experience but the icing on the cake came shortly thereafter! I pulled into my usual coffee shop and was greeted with a free coffee because "you're always doing those nice things with those cards so it's your turn to receive!” - Brisbane, Australia

 "It's been a while since I have posted on here and I think that is a reflection of getting caught up in the "busy-ness" of life. I have gone to do a few Random Acts of Brightness acts since last posting but for whatever reason, it just didn't feel right. Today I changed that though. I challenged myself to make it feel right! I paid for a strangers petrol which came to a total of $71...I think that pretty much adds up to all those coffees I would have done in between but didn't for whatever reason! It was such a great feeling speeding out of that petrol station unnoticed - massive adrenaline pumping and all! Reminded me that creating those little experiences of "giving" and "life" is so important to the human spirit...I feel filled up again - no pun intended 😉 So consider card 1179 as served!” - Brisbane, Australia

 "My Random act of Kindness for today. As nothing worse than going shopping to find you don't have a coin for the shopping trolley.” - Brisbane, Australia 

 "Card #2162 left at a burger joint!” - Brisbane, Australia

"Waiting in line to pay at a cafe and want to make the line go faster? Offer to do a RAOB by paying for the person in front of you and handing them a card. One transaction versus two = efficiency and brightness for all involved! And that's exactly what happened this morning when I paid for my lunch. The RAOB card receiver, who was very chuffed, even introduced himself to me and shook my hand! 

I walked out of that cafe (on time!) being told by the smiling lady behind the counter that it looks like I'll be having a great day...RAOB impacts received by all” - Brisbane, Australia

 "Found a Costco card, Facebooked the owner to get their address, popped it in the post with a little something” - New South Wales, Australia

 "I was wandering around Toowong Village on Saturday and there were 2 guys, dressed in capes and glittery hats, raising money for a children's hospital. They were so perky and polite, and doing a great job, so I bought 2 takeaway coffees, slipped a RAoB card into the drinks tray, and presented it to them, thanking them for their work and enthusiasm. It was the first time I'd seen them speechless the whole afternoon :)” - Brisbane, Australia

 "Karma works fast sometimes yes!? Following up from my RAOB $20 Eftpos transaction earlier, I went back this afternoon to the cafe that is attached to restaurant I had breakfast at and the guy who served me for breakfast and asked about RAOB said that my 2 coffees were on the house! I argued with him but he insisted ... and I knew it was my turn to receive :-) Feeling grateful and a reminder that karma comes back in different forms and from different sources...just a matter of being open and framing it a certain way” - Brisbane, Australia

 "$9 purchase. $20 minimum eftpos. No cash on me. $20 charged on card which leaves $11 for next person. RAOB card left. Win.Win.” - Brisbane, Australia

"Card 4071 left with a barista with a $5 coffee is on me random person! Enjoy ;-)” - Brisbane, Australia

 "My car boot full of old blankets, sheets and towels for the animal shelter..RAOB card attached.” - Toowoomba, Australia

"Card 1225 left with $5 as prepayment with Monkey Bread lady at Bakers Delight Richmond NSW” - Richmond, Australia

 "Card 1250 given out today. The old prepay for someone's coffee trick at my fabulous local.” - New South Wales, Australia

"I just went up the road to do some groceries and this guy with a bag of potatoes gets in line behind me and I figure - nice opportunity to share some love! So, I said to the cashier "Add those to it too please" and the guy looked at me like I was the weirdest person to exist! I handed him the card and said "Just pay it forward yeah?" and he read the card and asked me "How come?" and I said "Why not!". The cashier commented it was lovely and I joked "It better not be too much!" and she joked back "Yeah imagine if it was $20!" and we both chuckle and then she's confused as she realises the potatoes come to $17! HAHA! Funny 😉 So I paid and handed her a card too to go spread the love. Turned to the guy as I was heading out and said "Have a great afternoon!" and walked off. As I was walking outside I hear an "Excuse me! What's your name!?". I told him and said "It doesn't matter who I am, it's good karma. Trust me!". He just said "Are you sure? Thank You". It was like this guy had won the lotto or something! I walked away feeling as if I had made this guy's year...all with just paying for a bag of potatoes! Just goes to show that a bit of kindness and brightness certainly goes a very long way huh? :-)” - Brisbane, Australia

 "Hey guys card 1232 given out today. On way to the shops and happened upon a car at a busy intersection with hazard lights on. Turned around parked my little scooter on the footpath and enquired as to the situation. The driver told me her car chugged da chugger around the corner and died. I pushed her car off the road to safety. I checked battery, oil and fuel - no fuel. Zapped home grabbed the mower can (and jumper pack) and gave her some fuel. Not enough to get picked up into the tank (on uneven ground). Raced to the nearest servo filled up can, transferred more fuel to car. Car starts, she offers money, I give her RAOB card and ride off into the sunset. Love and Light.” - New South Wales, Australia

 "Yesterday I was waiting for the bus in a dodgy part of the city. A woman approached me (who might be judged as a bit "rough" at first glance) and asked me for $2 for the bus. I asked her if that's going to be enough and she said it was. Whilst I was going through my purse for some change (turns out I had magically $2 in coins in there), I picked out a Random Acts of Brightness card and gave it to her and said "Tell you what, here's the $2 but also take this card so that you can pay it forward next time someone asks you for a favour". She smiled at me and read the card and said "That's lovely love. Thank you". She then went to go sit down and I could see that she was reading the card intensely and then goes "This is such a lovely idea. Everyone should have these cards!" and then joked "Maybe I should try and hand this to the bus driver". I chuckled and replied "Well, I want the card back if that works!" and we both shared a little bit of a laugh. When my bus arrived, she yelled out to me "Have a nice day love and thanks again!" and ironically my metrocard had expired and I was fumbling for change (which I had just given away!) when I got on the bus and had to break a $20 note - which the bus driver wasn't so happy about! I had a giggle to myself at the irony of that. I sat down on that bus and truly cherished the interaction I had had with a person that I probably wouldn't find myself interacting with on a daily basis. A great reminder to me about how we are all connected and all from the same mould :-) That lady made my day!” - Brisbane, Australia

"I paid the toll at the Gateway Bridge the other day. I said to the toll booth person that I wanted to pay for the next person that comes through "as a good deed". They were very impressed! I asked the cashier to give them the card so that they could "pay it forward. I sped off and a few kilometres down the highway, a couple are waving at me from their car thanking me!"—Brisbane, Australia

"I decided to pay for a plate of sushi for a young family, at the sushi train I go to once a week, because I wanted to help them out and support them in making a good choice to educate their children in eating. I wanted to help out as sushi is a lot more expensive the other fast food like McDonalds etc., and I thought they had made such a great choice and I wanted to applaud them for that."—Brisbane, Australia

"I went to my beauty salon and I had just finished getting a facial and was just about to pay when I saw my Random Acts of Brightness card in my purse. I then decided to put $20 towards the next person's treatment that comes into the salon. The beautician was a little confused at first and then when she read the card, she nearly started crying!!! I don't know who the next person was, but I do know that they have that card now and I hope that they pass the brightness on!"—Brisbane, Australia

"I paid for someone else's parking at a theatre complex the other day. The other person couldn't believe it and came up to me in the car park to check that I hadn't made a mistake, and I said that all she had to do was to have a great day and she left with a great smile, which was awesome!"—Brisbane, Australia

"I was at a gym function today, and there was a lady waiting in line to go after me. It then became apparent that she had another commitment with her son (a Karate contest) and as the queue was moving quite slowly she was likely to be late, so I let her take my spot. This meant that she was able to do both, she was extremely grateful and I was just happy that she got to do both!"—South East Queensland, Australia

"I love God's timing. As I was out for a walk this morning, a man had a blow out on one of his tires. I kept walking and heard God say go back and help. I spoke with the man and told him I would be back in a few minutes. I went home got my son and we went back. We took the tire off the man's car as he had no jack and no spare. We drove him to a tire shop and paid for a new tire. We returned to his car and put the new tire on. We told him that God knows him by name and cared enough about him to send someone to bless him that day. Later that afternoon when I checked the mail I found the random acts of brightness cards that had been sent to me. Well this man did not get a card but we will be happy to bless others through random acts of brightness:)"—Las Vegas, USA

"I was out having coffee with a special friend of mine, who was discussing these special Random Acts of Brightness cards with me. I was so inspired about making others feel 'warm and fuzzy' that when we went to pay for our coffees, we asked the cashier if I could pay for someone else's coffee in the shop. He responded positively and let me pay for this - taking it off their bill. I left him a card and asked him to pass this on to whoever was the received this Sunday morning Act of Brightness! Now, anytime I go anywhere, I am constantly thinking about how I can share these awesome cards!"—Brisbane, Australia

"I was out in one of Brisbane's northside shopping centres and was in a particular store when I overheard someone wanting inspirational support to help stop negative thinking, as I have come from a place of negativity to a beautiful place of peace and self-love I was immediately drawn to this person seeking more information, I did some light chatting with this woman and reassured her that once she got on the path of her spirituality she would not look back, as I finalised my purchases I purchased a cd and taped an Random Act of Brightness card to the front of the cd, with the intention of giving it to this lady, as I was leaving the shop I slowly tapped her on the shoulder gave her the package and said have a nice day and walked out of the shop, I could hear as I was leaving the shop the lady saying words to the sales woman "this person bought me a cd?!??!!" I have to say that as I heard this lady in such bewilderment my heart was bursting with gratitude with being able to do something for someone else.....needless to say I had a smile on face for hours who got the Random of Brightness? I think we both did....I do love a WIN/WIN situation...."—Northside Brisbane, Australia