the experiment

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The Random Acts of Brightness Experiment (RAOB Experiment) is an experiment aimed at brightening up the world – one person at a time. Imagine the ripple effect of one person doing a good deed for another and then passing it on? With our busy lifestyles, we tend to get lost in our own life bubbles and forget that we are a part of a global community.

This false concept of separateness is everywhere in society – on the streets; on public transport; lining up for a coffee. We are all walking around thinking about our own lives and forgetting the magic of pure and random connection with others. The RAOB Experiment is a way to reconnect with that magic by getting everyday people doing good deeds to brighten up our everyday world!

the cards

Nowadays we question people's motives when they act kind towards us because it is so unfamiliar and we assume they want something in return. We become suspicious, questioning and might question our safety. The RAOB Experiment aims to diffuse these reactions by creating RAOB cards. These business sized cards explain the good deed behaviour but more so create an infinite ripple effect of brightness. It's as easy as 4 simple steps – DO, GIVE, TELL & SHARE.

DO a good deed for a stranger

GIVE them a card

TELL them to pass it on

SHARE your experience

From paying for the toll for the car behind you to paying for a coffee for the next in line, we are faced with endless opportunities in our everyday world to randomly brighten someone's day. When was the last time you gave something and not expected anything in return? Let's make a difference to this world. Person by person... day by day... act by act! The ripple effect starts right now with YOU!

Email: randomactsofbrightness@gmail.com to register and order your free cards to distribute!

the history

RAOB was started in Brisbane, Australia in March 2009 by a young woman named Daniela who wanted to make a difference by enhancing the impact that random good deeds have on society. Inspired by the French film Amelie, she had this inner yearning to spread random joy into stranger’s lives.

She did this mainly by paying the toll for strangers behind her but soon realised that she could make a bigger difference if somehow she could communicate to the person who received the good deed to pass it on or "pay it forward" by paying for the person behind them and so on. In this way she thought, in an ideal world, the cycle of giving would be infinite.

Daniela soon realised that her purpose was to inspire other everyday people to brighten up our everyday world by passing on the gift of giving. Since its conception, RAOB has distributed cards all around the world including Australia, USA, New Zealand, Canada, UK, Sweden, Belgium and more!


Random Acts of Brightness Challenge 2015